The Health Risks of Liposuction

Liposuction uses suction to remove extra fat from your body to make you look fit. During liposuction, tiny cuts are made in your skin to insert the small, blunt-tipped tubes in your body.

The doctor targets specific fat deposits under the skin by moving the tubes around to suction the fat out through these tubes.

There were several disadvantages of liposuction in the past that are recovered in the present era with the help of improved techniques.

Improved techniques have made liposuction easier, safer and less painful but still, there are some health risks of liposuction that you may suffer from if you don’t take good care of your body after the best liposuction in Melbourne.

There are several types of liposuction that are common these days such as Laser-assisted liposuction, Ultrasound-assisted liposuction, and Tumescent liposuction etc.

In order to help reduce bruising, swelling and pain doctors firmly wrap the area of the body that is treated. The main purpose of liposuction is bringing a new and attractive shape to one or multiple parts of your body. However, it is not supposed to reduce the weight directly.

Sometimes, some other cosmetic surgery procedures are also combined with the liposuction such as breast reduction, facelift, or tummy tuck. Let’s take a look at some potential risks of Liposuction:


Usually, there are no harmful effects of liposuction if conducted in a properly equipped facility by an experienced doctor. The risk of difficulties may increase during or after the procedure by having very large or multiple areas treated.

Common harmful effects of liposuction include

  • Minor scarring and irritation around the areas where cannulas were inserted.
  • Temporary soreness, numbness, bruising, and swelling in and around the treated areas.
  • Rippling and baggy skin. Usually, after a few months, the skin will retract and tighten. But it only happens with a few people.

Less common side effects include

  • Uneven skin surface over the treated area.
  • Permanent color changes in the skin.
  • Damage to the skin and nerves.

Dangerous complications

  • Excessive fluid and blood loss, that may cause the shock. But it only happens in some special cases.
  • Blood clots or fat clots, which may become life-threatening by traveling to the lungs.

These are some of the side effects of liposuction that you may suffer from if you don’t follow the doctor’s advice and sometimes the weather may also cause these problems to occur.

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